Let's Get Bela Waisted!

Let's Get Bela Waisted!


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Beads by Bela designs are one of a kind. Your custom beads are named based on the Chakra colors of your choice. The energy desired starts with "Bela the Beadstress". One touch, good energy. Making a decision to get Bela Waisted will be the best decision you made all year. Do not hesitate, tap into your inner Queen and Let's Get Bela Waisted! 



These beautiful adornments originated in Africa. African Queens wore them as a symbol of their status. Waist Beads culture has been associated with positive energy, good health, and wealth. In some parts of Africa, waist beads are anointed in oils for the purpose of fertility, security, and rejuvenation. 

Weight Monitoring

Control weight gain and shrink your waist. The beads will naturally alert you on your progress. As t

Control weight gain and shrink your waist. The beads will naturally alert you on your progress. As the beads get tighter, you know you’re gaining a few pounds. As the beads roll down your waist, you know you have been Focused, and Disciplined. 

Waisted Items & Prices

All waistbeads are $40; Charms and special beads are included

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Chakra Colors and Meaning


Root Chakra - Red

The Root Chakra represents life, strength, vitality as well as physical nature, our Earth connection and survival needs.  

  • Balanced: first energy characteristics is: balanced, grounded, healthy, safe and patient.
  • Imbalanced: Money issues, addictions, low self-esteem.
  • Stones: red and black stones such as ruby, coral, garnet, red jaspar, hematite, obsidian, black tourma

Svadisthana Chakra - Orange

The color orange is essential for health and vitality. It is a warm and positive  color which is also stimulating and has been said to regulate the intake of food. The second chakra is about friendliness, creativity,  self-motivation sexuality, emotions and intuition. 

  • Balanced: spontaneous, social, passionate, and trusting.
  • Imbalanced: Lack of Spontaneity, rigid beliefs, sexual issues, resentful
  • Stones: Carnelian, orange calcite, tiger's eye

Solar Plexus - Yellow

Yellow is the symbol of the mind, intellect, high intelligence, wisdom and the mental plane. Yellow is positive, magnetic, and its vibration has a tonic effect on the nerves. 


  • Balanced:Confident, warm, empowered and energetic.
  • Imbalanced:Powerlessness, Stomach related issues, anger,confused
  • Stones: Yellow & Golden stones: Amber, Goldstone, Topaz, Citrine. 

Heart Chakra - Green

The heart chakra is the center of compassion, when this chakra is open, you transcend the limits of ego and identify with other people, plants, animals and all of life.  

  • Balanced:Compassionate, nurturing, forgiving, understanding.
  • Imbalanced:Heart related health issues, coldness towards others, despair, unworthy of love
  • Stones: Green & Pink stones are with the heart center: Emerald, green tourmaline, malachite, jade, aventurine, Rose Quartz, moss agate, green calcite, rhodochrosite, pink calcite, unakite..

Throat Chakra - Blue

 The throat chakra is the place that helps you to communicate, express, and really listen to others when they speak. This energy  center at your throat is the doorway to your angels and spiritual guidance.   

  • Balanced: Self-expressive, creative, honest, and commutative.
  • Imbalanced: Self-righteous, talks too much, lacks creativity, indecision, quiet, holds back, inconsistent, can't express thoughts.
  • Stones:Lapis lazuli, blue calcite, kyanite, angelite, aquamarine, amazonite.

Third Eye - Indigo

Your third eye chakra is the center of your intuition and understand. Through the power of the sixth chakra, you are able to receive guidance, channel and tune into your higher self.

  • Balanced:Intuitive, imaginative, visual, and insightful.
  • Imbalanced:Lack of vision, nightmares, migraines, manipulative, religiously dogmatic, non-assertive, oversensitivity to feelings of others, afraid of success, Unable to distinguish between ego, and higher self.
  • All indigo/Purple stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite,Purple Sapphire, Fluorite.


Your crown chakra is located at the very top of your head, This chakra corresponds with the highest element in our nature. The crown Chakra is “to know” when healthy and opened we feel inspired, spiritually connected, and open to the divine.   

  • Balanced: Open minded,inspired, and spiritually connected.
  • Imbalanced: Hopelessness, depression, alienation
  • Stones: Clear Quartz, amethyst, selenite, Lepidolite, moonstone.

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